Google wants to replace your passwords with a ring

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

The world’s largest search engine plans to create a data-encrypted ring that authenticates the user’s identity

When most people decide to be risky and change their passwords to something new and different, they usually wind up outsmarting themselves and forget what it is. Eventually, they go back to using the same three closely related passwords, but that’s not so secure. Google wants to change that, and will attempt to do so with its magic ring.

Keyboard Ring

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How this bright idea will work

This time Google’s big idea to change the world as we know it is to replace our passwords with data-encrypted rings. The web giant is toying with the idea of having a USB drive mounted on a ring or another form of small jewelry that uses a cryptographic key, a tiny bit of software meant to encode a message that’s unreadable to all but the intended recipient. Read More