Six Free Fun Things You Can Do in NYC

Central Park

You can also row around Central Park for a few bucks.

You can row around Central Park for a fun workout and some pretty sights (this costs a few bucks).

Though the majority of parks are free to visit, most aren’t Manhattan’s famed Central Park. Originally designed in the 1860s to boost real-estate value uptown, it’s filled with beautiful sites such as Strawberry fields, the “Imagine” mosaic, statues, free events, and of course, people-watching.

The High Line

A friend and I up on the High Line last week!

A friend and I up on the High Line last week!

This park has the feel of a real-live attraction, complete with its own opening hours. Created from an abandoned elevated railroad track, this park, being 30-feet in the air, connects the Meatpacking District with Chelsea’s galleries. Catch amazing views of the Hudson River, tall city buildings, and the streets of pedestrians below.

Chelsea Galleries

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Located mostly in the 20s Streets between 10th and 11th Avenues, New York’s top spot for gallery crawls is in the Chelsea district. You’ll find art galleries hosting group shows by up-and-comers, exhibitions from art-world celebrities, and a stretch of all life-forms of artwork. All galleries are free, and there’s no pressure to buy.  Read More

NYC Eats: Sugar Factory American Brasserie

This past weekend two friends and I decided to hit up the Big Apple to check out the Sugar Factory American Brasserie on Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District.


It doesn’t look like much, huh? A hole in the wall, maybe. But you know what they say, and you’ve heard it a thousand times, and I sincerely mean it this time. Don’t judge a book by its cover. The expression certainly applies here.

It was a rainy day when we visited, and we had to wait outside. In fact, the place is small (3,000 square feet to be exact) and was so packed that we couldn’t even get inside at first. But we were set on trying this place, mainly due to word-of-mouth from some trustworthy friends. Once we squeezed inside and made our way up to the hostess stand, we found out the wait for three would be two hours, so we put one of our names down on the waiting list and, since we had time to kill, found plenty to explore in NYC.


If you’re sweet tooth is acting up while waiting at the Sugar Factory, there is plenty of candy to munch on.

Upon returning to the Sugar Factory, we still had to wait an additional half hour, and were just about to leave (since there are plenty of other delicious restaurants in the area) when the hostess let us know that a table was ready. We followed a waiter past the crowded bar, which was lit up with colorful, sweet creations of liquidy goodness, and over to a small table in the corner. Read More

NYC Eats: Brendan’s Bar & Grill

It was the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day and the manfriend and I were hanging out in the Big Apple for the day. We had some time to kill before our final destination to see a rock show in Brooklyn, so we decided to scope out a spot for appetizers and drinks, preferably near the R train, so we stuck nearby the Herald Square area. From way out in the foggy, rainy distance we saw a giant shamrock and yellow vertical letters that spelled out “Brendan’s.” It sounded Irish enough, so away we went, Brendan’s-bound.


We were expecting the typical Irish pub: dimly lit, small and cozy, bottles of alcohol lined up behind a bar that took up pretty much the entire place. But Brendan’s was a place of its own. Let’s step inside and you’ll see what I mean.

Enter Brendan's

Brendan’s was bright and spacious, and a friendly hostess dressed in black came to us immediately. As she led us down the large hall, we entered an open room of tables. The windows were decorated in stained glass, and it gave the place an old-fashioned church-like vibe. Read More