Microsoft Research Unveils Immersive Gaming Project

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

IllumiRoom is designed to blend the virtual and physical worlds

Earlier this year, Microsoft Research unveiled IllumiRoom, which might just be the future of gaming. By adapting the science of 3D mapping to Microsoft’s Kinect sensors to diminish the lines between what’s on screen and what’s real, IllumiRoom combines the virtual and physical worlds.


IllumiRoom in action. Image via

How IllumiRoom works

IllumiRoom augments the area surrounding your television to really get you into the game you’re playing, or even the movie you’re watching, by combining a Kinect camera and a projector. The Kinect camera captures the appearance of the room, and that data is used to adapt the visuals that are projected against the wall and the objects surrounding your television. So what happens on your screen overflows the television’s boundaries. Read More