Seal Hikes on Long Island

If you’re on Long Island looking for a fun and educational day trip for the whole family, or you simply want to enjoy the outdoors with some friends, head out to Montauk Point State Park for a seal hike this weekend.

Presented by The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, the seal hikes run from November to May, when thousands of seals can be spotted sunning themselves on rocks or swimming along the frigid coast.

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The seal hikes are led by outdoor educator, environmental consultant, and founder of the Long Island Nature Organization, Mike Bottini. He’ll guide you through a scenic two and a half mile adventure where you’ll be able to view seals and learn about their behavior, population trends in the Long Island region, and various interesting facts. Seals may not be the only wildlife you’ll come across, since Long Island is the home to many species of birds. Read More