Exploring Capital Cities: Paris, Dublin, and London

It was the middle of springtime. The sun was glowing strong, the birds were singing, and with a new season comes fresh adventure. So it was time to hop on a plane and travel to France, Ireland, and England. There’s a forever growing bucket list to feed, and I was in need of putting an extra spring in my step.

Along with my travel-bug-bitten cousin, Brittany, we mapped out a European escapade that would have us spending almost three days in France, a little over three days in Ireland, and three days in England. Now that I’m back in the States, it’s time to break it down. Read More

London’s Tube trains are getting Wi-Fi and are going driverless

By 2020 London will see 250 air-conditioned driverless subway cars with onboard Wi-Fi

Transport for London’s 19th-century Underground is in for a modern-day upgrade. By 2020 the city will have 250 new air-conditioned, driverless subway cars equipped with onboard Wi-Fi operating on the Tube for the first time.


Image via Tech Times.

Initiated by London’s mayor Boris Johnson, the idea behind the revamped Tube system is to increase rider capacity from 8.4 million people to 10 million by 2030. In order to accommodate more passengers, each train will feature walk-through carriages that allow more people on a line, along with double doors to allow commuters to get on or off the trains faster.

Instead of paper advertising boards inside each carriage, the new trains will display screens that can be automatically updated with Tube statuses and real-time travel updates. Read More

London’s red phone booths are becoming green charging stations

Smartbox provides a quick and free battery charge for your smartphone or tablet

Although many manufacturers emphasize all-day battery life, watching your handset slip away to a measly 0% before the day’s end is still a common problem. In an effort to provide one of the world’s busiest cities with a carbon-neutral energy source, two graduates of the London School of Economics developed a solar-powered charging station for phones, tablets, and other devices.


Created by Harold Craston and Kirsty Kenney, the Solarbox is a modern version of London’s iconic red telephone booths. With a fresh green paint job, they’re now being installed with 150-watt solar panels and are outfitted with USB and phone charging outlets. The first six kiosks were opened on October 1 in the Tottenham Court Road area, which is one of the city’s main shopping districts, and it was reported that 85 people used the charging stations in just a day. Read More