Top laptop picks of the season

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

It’s that time again. Thanksgiving’s around the corner and the holiday shopping madness is about to begin. If you’re planning out your Black Friday or are gearing up for Cyber Monday but aren’t quite sure which laptop to place your money on, don’t worry—we’ve got the work cut out for you, no matter if you’re searching for an entry-level  laptop or a system for a complete computer geek. Browse our list of the top picks of the season below.

MacBook Air (13-inch)

Suited for those of us on the go, the 13-inch MacBook Air is Apple’s most portable laptop. With an Intel Haswell processor as well as OS X Mavericks, this laptop can last about 13 hours on a full charge. For weighing only 3-Ibs and being very thin, this aluminum notebook comes with some of the best speakers for its size. It also includes incredibly fast flash memory and either 128 GB or 256 GB internal storage.

MacBook Air

Price: $1,099

Buy now.

Acer Chromebook C720

This basic computer is great for people who use the Internet just to check their email, browse the web and post on Tumblr. With an Intel Celeron processor, this 11-inch system can last up to eight hours of battery life and can easily slide into a bag or a purse. It’s great for everyday use, no matter if you’re watching Youtube videos at home or traveling the world. Read More