I hate “Kk”

My friends say it, your friends say it. You’ve probably said it too.


Being a complete grammar geek, this peculiar acronym annoys me to no end. After I read a text from my boyfriend saying “Kk” last night, I had enough. It was time for a serious, serious talk. But that’s a different story.

I began researching as much as I could about this “Kk” that gets around everywhere, creeping into phones, emails and online communities across the globe, hypnotizing its readers to spread it so it can conquer the precious, well thought out English language, with its growing number of similar lazy buddies who want nothing more than to get around.

But where did “Kk” come from? I can’t pinpoint an exact mastermind or location, but I’ve done some digging.

The double K means the message has been acknowledged. I know that and I’m sure you do too. But why not just write “Ok” in the first place? You’d still be using two letters. Originally, it didn’t just mean “Ok.” “Kk” came from, “k, kewl,” translating to “Ok, cool.” I’ve never heard anyone say “Kk” in person, except when reading a text message out loud. Even then, it sounds beyond stupid. It is stupid. It’s an acronym for two words that are misspelled and conjoined. It makes my head sick. It makes me lose hope for the human being.

Conversations like the following wouldn’t be said like this in person.

“hi how ru i just ate a corn dog”

“lool kk im good cant complain hbu”

Read that aloud. What a catastrophe.

Through research, I discovered that “Kk” was born in the 1990s. Not surprising, with the Internet really growing up back then. It’s part of online/texting conversation culture and was first used in online communities, not texting, as many would now assume.

The younger generations especially use “Kk” without knowing what it means. They think it means “Ok” and they use it that way, when it really stands for “k kewl” (Okay, cool). So, if you think about it, a conversation like the one below would be messed up.

“i cant make it tonight i gotta go to my grandpas wake”

“kk im sry”

These things happen. This also reminds me how many things are so impersonal now. I love technology, but sometimes I feel that the younger people in this world aren’t going to know how to properly communicate, especially face to face. The ways of the future interest me.

So, those are some of my thoughts and facts on the subject.

Okay, cool.