Will You Lose Your Job to a Robot?

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

Robots are threatening to take over human jobs, increasing the percentage of unemployment in America

As if finding and keeping a job isn’t hard enough these days, in the near future all of your skills and years of experience may be lost to a robot. It’s hard to believe, but by the end of this century, it’s predicted that about 70% of today’s occupations will likely be replaced by automation. Robots are already analyzing documents, working long days on farms and assisting the staff of busy hospitals, and they’re doing it all for free. Read on below to see if your job could possibly be endangered by artificial intelligence.

Don’t be surprised if a robot comes to the desk next time you visit the local drug store to pick up your prescription. In some pharmacies, such as the UCSF Medical Center, robots are already working behind the shelves, counting, preparing, and tracking medications. With robots taking care of processing prescriptions, UCSF pharmacists and nurses are able to focus their expertise on direct patient care. The goal of the automated hospital pharmacy is to improve patient safety, and so far, out of the millions of doses of medication that have been prepared, not a single error has occurred. The future looks promising for these robo-pharmacists.

UCSF Robot

One of UCSF’s robot-pharmacists hard at work. Image via UCSF.

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