Four technologies you might not realize you’re using every day

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

Technology plays a bigger role in your life than you think

Technology affects your life in everything that you do—it saves time, passes time, opens gates to new experiences, and makes getting where you need to go quicker than ever. Without thinking twice about it, you use your phone to look up directions, speed up the process of sitting in the waiting room by playing Words With Friends, and talk with relatives halfway across the country as if they’re sitting right in front of you. But how about the technologies you’re using daily that you’re probably unaware of? Read on below to find out just how big of a difference these quiet technologies make in your life.


If you’re from the 21st century, it’s safe to say you sent a text today. It was simple and quick and most likely you thought nothing about the technology involved. Beneath those words on your touchscreen lies an accelerometer, the silent little technology responsible for turning your screen to a horizontal position as you flip your phone so your fingers have more space on the virtual keyboard.

An accelerometer measures the speed and motion of an object, giving it the capability to distinguish which angle it’s being held at. The sensors in the accelerometer tell the tiny computer in your phone to make the visual output appear wide instead of long, all so you can text and view comfortably on your high-tech smartphone.


A mobile phone’s accelerometer knows if the phone is upwards or sideways. Image via

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