Disasters in Japan Affect Purchase Students

The tsunami that slammed northeastern Japan missed Purchase senior Kevin Cai’s home in Tokyo, but the 8.9 magnitude earthquake did not.

“The earthquake split the house in half and destroyed almost everything inside,” the arts management major said in an email. “It was my mom’s birthday so my dad had taken her out. Thank god they weren’t home.”

Over the last century, Japan has experienced 23 earthquakes that have caused major damage, according to Web-Japan.org. Estimates of magnitude make the earthquake of March 11 the largest earthquake to hit Japan and among the top five largest earthquakes in the world. 

The quake that destroyed northeastern Japan sent shock waves more than 6,000 miles away, as students and faculty at Purchase College dealt with the tragedy in varying degrees. Some, like Cai, lost homes. For others who had lived in Japan, the disaster brought up memories of past earthquakes. Read More