There’s No Stopping the Hennessy Fanatic

An article I wrote for Chilled Magazine.

It’s been eight years since Hennessy fanatic, Don Henny, began his Hennessy collection. With a total inventory of 387 bottles, he shows no signs of stopping, and it’s not just bottles he proudly displays everywhere in his home in Belgium. This enthusiast grabs anything Hennessy he can get his hands on.

Henny, whose real name is Olivier, began drinking cognac 10 years ago, and immediately fell for the different flavors. Not long after, he found himself storing Hennessy bottles. He started off sticking to his regulars, like the VS, VSOP, XO, and Paradis, and every once in a while, would buy something special, and that’s what fueled his collecting. “I buy different bottles weekly,” Henny says. “I collect everything from Hennessy. I’ve even got the logo painted on a wall in my house.”

Don' Henny's Hennessy collection.

Don’ Henny’s Hennessy collection.

His loyalty remains with Hennessy because of their many attractive bottle designs and various tastes. Though it’s difficult to choose, his favorite bottles are Private Reserve 1865, the XO Grande Champagne, and the Napoléon. Read More