High-tech cooler pulls in millions of dollars on Kickstarter

Say hello to the 21st century cooler

Though they’re a necessary summertime item, most coolers are bulky and a nuisance to lug around on a hot day. How much better would it be if your cooler did more than just hold drinks? Inventor Ryan Grepper from Portland, Oregon plans to shed some light on that idea. He designed a new drink-carrying vessel called the “Coolest Cooler,” which took off on Kickstarter, reeling in more than $5 million from more than 21,000 backers.


The Coolest Cooler is anything but ordinary. It includes a USB charger, an LED light, wireless speakers, and much more.

So what exactly is so special about this super cooler? According to Grepper, it was time these things got an upgrade, and the Coolest Cooler does so much more than keep your beverages cold. It features a built-in blender, a waterproof USB charger, an LED light, a bottle opener, gear tie-down, and removable wireless waterproof speakers. Read More