Top tech-oriented commencement speeches

Words to live by from some of the top tech executives

It’s easy to forget that the names behind big tech companies are actual people, and that at one point in their lives they were students who shared similar experiences as most of us did. Each year our future leaders walk down the aisles in cap and gown with everyone else, leaving behind the days of endless studying, crazy partying, and staying up way too late.

As the school year comes to a close, some of the world’s greatest geeks will be giving their own advice to the class of 2014. Below are the quotes from some of the best commencement speeches ever delivered by technology executives that are probably a good idea to keep in mind.

Mark Zuckerberg– Facebook co-founder (2011)


“You should follow your dreams. You should pursue your goals. You should give life to your ideas, wherever they lead. As trite as it sounds, I want you to truly believe that you can be anything you want to be and do anything — absolutely anything — you want to do. Unless, that is, it competes with me. Then you will fail. Maybe that sounded awkward. Read More