SUNY Purchase: Campus Food

The sun is up and the dining areas on campus have been open for a few hours by the time the average Purchase College student awakes on the weekend. They roll out of bed, grab a few of their friends, and set out across the Great Lawn in yesterday’s clothing. Many find themselves walking aimlessly around the Hub, hoping to find something more than the usual sandwich or oily slice of pizza. Others are unsatisfied as they peer into the pastries that are on display behind the glass at Starbucks.

“I want more variety here,” says Derek Garcia, sophomore film major, as he shakes his head. “I am not happy about Zona Mexicana being closed on the weekends. I’d like my burrito!” He throws his arms into the air. “I also like Terra Ve,” he says. “But, once again, I don’t like that it’s closed on the weekends.”  He shrugs his shoulders beneath his sweatshirt. “It’s close to where I live on campus and normally I don’t mind the walk to the Hub, but it does get annoying, especially when it rains or when it snows. I don’t have much of a choice.”

Nick Mennillo, director of dining services on campus, says that certain dining areas are closed on the weekends due to “lack of participation.”

“We put out so much product, all of those bins of food at Zona Mexicana, and we don’t get enough people to eat it on the weekends.” He smoothes his tie. “There are less students on the weekends, and we wind up throwing a lot of the food away,” he says. “It’s not good to waste food like that, but what are we going to do?” He puts his hands together and intertwines his fingers. “We can’t leave it sitting out there. It looks unappetizing.” Read More