Up Close and Purrsonal: Touring the Carolina Tiger Rescue Sanctuary

I fell in love yesterday — in love with wild cats of all sizes. From a curious ocelot to a chatty cougar to a pride of majestic lions roaring enough to make the ground rumble, I got to meet these species and more, all in one admirable place, the Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

As a lover of wildlife and putting my weekends to good use, I signed my boyfriend and myself up to tour the big cat sanctuary I’ve read so much about, three weeks ago, and thought about it every day until the afternoon we drove out there for our visit. It was worth the wait and was as exciting as I expected. Read More

Wild Beauty

Some fascinating photography of my two favorite animals, the wolf and the cheetah. These images are not mine, though I wish I was lucky enough to have taken them myself (from a safe distance).WOLVES

What I admire most about wolves is how they work together as a unit, how they’re social and emotional like we are. I think they’re capable of love, like most pack animals, and I respect their wild beauty and power.CHEETAH

Cheetahs are graceful, though tough for their fragile build. I think they’ve got the most skill in the savannah for being solitary hunters. They can reach up to 75 miles per hour (in short bursts), and have the ability to accelerate from zero to 62 miles per hour in three seconds. I find that absolutely amazing. I also think they have one of the earth’s most stunning patterns. WOLF PUPPIES

And of course I’d love the chance to meet a wolf pup or a cheetah cub.