Smartphone used to hack into a plane cockpit

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A security researcher was able to hack an aircraft’s cockpit with an Android smartphone

After you board a plane and are safely buckled in your seat, the pilot reminds you and the other passengers with their noses tucked into their touchscreens to power off all electronic devices. If they interfere with the in-flight management system, there could be some serious disturbances. But still, there are the few testy travelers who ignore the pilot’s requests, because, really, how much harm can a little smart phone do?

Apparently a lot, as was evidenced by a security researcher, who claimed that he could hack into an aircraft’s cockpit with his Android mobile phone.

Android Hack

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At the annual security conference, Hack In The Box, which took place in Amsterdam this year, security researcher, Hugo Teso, demonstrated that it’s possible to take full control of aircraft flight systems and communications. All you need are two things: an Android smartphone and a specialized attack code. Read More